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Shiva Gutika (60 Tab)

    Shiva Gutika (60 Tab)


    Sanjeevika Shiva Gutika is a mixture of shilajeet and herbs. Shilajeet is regarded as one of the most important ingredient in ayurvedic medicine. It is a rasayan, immunity booster, hormone balancer and brain strengthener. Because of the combination of herbs, It is more effective. It helps with liver and spleen problems, as well as rhinitis, bronchitis, anaemia, cardiac problems, skin diseases and arthritis.

    Immunity booster and Rasayan


    Shilajeet, Triphalakwath, DashamoolaKwath, Guduchikwatha, Patolakwath, BalaKwath, Yashtimadhu, Cow Urine, Cow milk Musta, Pushkaramoola, Chitraka, Rasna, 

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