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Divya Jyoti Foundation - About Us

Divya Jyoti Foundation (DJF) is a socio-spiritual organization founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji. It aims at providing livelihood to the under privileged and neglected sections of the society and inculcates spiritual values among them. This not only helps attain self-sufficiency on the one hand but also, provides perfection to achieve the purpose of human life on the other.

Divya Jyoti Foundation endeavors to provide job opportunities to the specially abled (blind and physically challenged) sections of the society so that they may live their lives with dignity instead of a life of dependence. Divya Jyoti Foundation is tirelessly working for the reformation of jail inmates and providing unconditional support to post released prisoners so that they can earn with dignity. DJF is striving to induct them into mainstream society and make them responsible and noble citizens. Besides giving employment to such people, DJF also organizes socio-spiritual programs for the general public so as to sensitize them over the evils and effects of drug-addiction, female feticides etc. and to guide them towards remedial action.

Lets come together and create productive citizens of the society by buying products made by the differently abled.