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Kumkumadi Oil 5ml

    Kumkumadi Oil 5ml

    SKU: DJFM050CATEGORIES: Ayurvedic Medicines, Classical Medicines, Oil

    Kumkumadi Oil is a skin toner. It is useful in reducing dark circles, scars, sun tans, blemishes and making your skin wrinkle-free, and keeping soft by nourisHeeng it.

    Relieves blemishes, acne, scars,

    dark circles, sun tans and wrinkles. Beneficial in improving skin complexion

    Key ingredients: 

     Kwath Dravya: Kesar, Lal Chandan, Laksha, Majeeth, Mulethi, Kaliyak kashth, Khash, Padmakh, Neel kamal, Vat ankur, Pilkhan komal patarankur, Kamal-keshar, Dashmool, Water Kalka dravya: Majeeth, Mahue ka phool, Laksha, Patang, Mulethi, Til Tail, Goat milk, Rose water

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