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Aloevera Shampoo 200ml

    Aloevera Shampoo 200ml

    SKU: DJF00405CATEGORIES: Sanjeevika, Personal Care, Hair Care

    Sanjeevika Aloe Vera Shampoo helps to promote Hair growth by the repairing of the hair stands. Aloe Vera also reduces the scalp inflammation which helps to resolve dandruff issue. Moreover, aloe vera is a great way to get healthier, shinier and softer hair.


    Enriched with vitamin C and E

    Keep hair smooth and shiny

    It repairs damaged hair and protects it from further damage.

    Deep cleanse your hair & scalp, making it healthier

    Key Ingredients

    Aloe vera, Chamomile flower extract, Lemon juice, Hydrolysed milk protein, Cetrimonium chloride and D-panthenol

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