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Arvindasava 225ml

    Arvindasava 225ml

    SKU: DJF00430CATEGORIES: Asava & Arishtas

    A digestive tonic for infants and children promotes their body growth, weight, immunity, and mental strength. Furthermore, it stimulates their hunger and provides proper nutrition.

    Beneficial in malnourished children.Improves digestion, body weight and strength


    Kamal, Khas, Gambhari, Neel Kamal, Manjistha, Chhoti Elaichi, Khareti, Jatamansi, Moth, Vach, Anantmool, Harad, Bahera, Mulethi, Amla, Kachoor, Somlata, Neelimool, Patolpatra, Pitpapra, Arjuna, Mahua phool phool, Muramansi, Draksha, Dhaiphool, Honey, Sugar, Water

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