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Badam Pak 80g

    Badam Pak 80g

    SKU: DJFSN007CATEGORIES: Sanjeevika, Health Care, Health Supplements

    Badam Pak is a natural Brain tonic which helps to improve mental Strength and its memory booster formula helps to enhance the learning capacity. Additionally, it has anti-stress, anti-oxidant and anti-migraine action.

    * Memory booster * Beneficial in generalized weakness * Useful in migraine


    Badam, Ghee, Sugar, Kesar , Javitri, Jayfal, Sonth, Mirch, Pipali, Dalchini, Tejpatar, Laguela, Vidarikand, Kaunch beej , Safed Musli, Khareti beej, Salam mishri , 

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