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Chandnadi Vati (60 Tab)

    Chandnadi Vati (60 Tab)

    SKU: DJFM021CATEGORIES: Ayurvedic Medicines, Classical Medicines, Vati

    Sanjeevika Chandnadi Vati is a herbal blend that helpful in urinary tract disorders such as dysuria, burning, itcHeeng, and pus during urination. As the disease progresses, complications such as testicular pain emerge. In such cases, Chandanadi Vati provides immediate relief.

    Beneficial in burning micturition, albuminuria & UTI


    Safed Chandan, Chhoti Elaichi, Kabab Chini, Safed Raal, Gandh Biroja Satva, Kattha, Amla, Rasont, Geru, Kapoor, Chandan oil

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