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Kaasban Syrup 100ml

    Kaasban Syrup 100ml

    SKU: DJFSN029CATEGORIES: Ayurvedic Medicines, Patent Medicines

    Sanjeevika Kaasban Syrup is a boon for people struggling with cough and cough-related diseases. The syrup helps to treat productive cough, asthma & allergic cough. It is also known to treat dry cough, and bronchitis.

    * Relieves cough & Cold * Reduces chest congestion


    Unab, Gajwan, Jufa, Adusa (Vansa), Banfasa, Lisora, Mulethi, Karkatshringi, Khatmi, Kateri Chhoti, Somlata, Mirch Kali, Piperamint, Adrak and many more…..

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