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Rudhir Shodhak Syrup 200ml

    Rudhir Shodhak Syrup 200ml

    SKU: DJFM114CATEGORIES: Ayurvedic Medicines, Patent Medicines

    Blood cleansing is useful in eliminating the risk of several health and skin conditions that are caused by impure blood, which further causes allergies. Sanjeevika Rudhir Shodhak Syrup is a natural blood purifier, which is beneficial in preventing skin diseases. It is made up of ingredients such as Chirayata- , ushba- , Manjishta- Rubiacardifolia.

    Beneficial in leucoderma & skin diseases. Blood purifier


    Chirayata -Swertiachirayita, Ushba - Smilax zeylanica , Manjistha - Rubiacardifolia

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